Advanced Chemistry

Opti•Cide3 is an advanced chemistry formula containing dual quaternary ammonium actives leading to stronger detergency.

The Dental Advisor evaluated the ability of Opti•Cide3 to clean environmental surfaces coated with bacteria-contaminated, dried organic debris and compared the findings against other surface disinfectants. To view that study, click here.

Description & Use

  • Opti•Cide3 is a ready-to-use cleaner that provides broader spectrum kill in 2 minutes and is specifically formulated for use with most dental facilities and surfaces.
  • Opti•Cide3 effectively and quickly loosens and suspends blood and bodily fluids, is a pre-cleaning instrument spray, and may be used to disinfect dental impressions.

*Opti•Cide3 is effective against TB in 2 minutes. Please reference product label and follow manufacturer's instructions for use.